• From the port of Piraeus we took the metro to our hotel in Athens. Had a lovely wander around the Acropolis and Agora in the golden light of early evening.
  • This was a short stop at the end of a wonderful 3 month trip and we didn’t have a heavy sightseeing agenda. Mainly shopping for gifts and getting ready for the long journey home to Hobart.
  • The new Acropolis Museum was nearing completion and we went to have a look at the building. We were allowed inside on the ground floor while they were still working on the exhibition spaces on other floors. It’s a great facility that has been built on top of old ruins, thoughtfully designed and positioned in relationship to the ancient Acropolis. We made a pact to get back to Greece and check it out some time in the future.
  • The Benaki Museum is open till midnight on Thursdays so we visited late afternoon and had dinner in their excellent terrace restaurant. It was a great last evening. The Benaki Museum was founded by Antonis Benakis who was a member of a pre-eminent Greek family in Alexandria (Egypt). It’s a beautiful little museum dedicated to Greek art and Greek history from the neolithic age to the twentieth century.
  • We flew home to Hobart the following day.
90 Stoa of Attalos
910new Acropolis Museum