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Favourite Countries


Ancient sites and great museums. Water, rock, light. Pebbly beaches and hilltop horas. Dedication to food and hospitality. The buzz when a ferry comes in to a small island port, and the calm that descends when it leaves. We absolutely love Greece.


Japan is so foreign to us, yet it feels so safe and enjoyable to be there. The attention to detail is amazing, from presentation of food to timetabling of trains. The effect is somehow spiritual. And it’s a photographer’s paradise.


More sum of fabulous parts than distinctive national whole, it’s the regional diversity of Italy that continues to make it such a magnet for us. From the Veneto to Sicily we’ve had an amazing range of experiences.


Proud and fromal. Dazzlingly creative in art, literature, fashion, and food. France is a seductive blend of city, village, rural, and remote. We’ve learnt to show respect for the language and culture, and have been rewarded.

Favourite Cities


Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world. We’ve spent more than a month there on three trips to France so far. A few things have guided us in getting the most out of our time in this beautiful city.


Rome is called ‘the eternal city’ and its iconic monuments alone can fully occupy a visit. Yet the depth and breadth of Rome’s history means that there are many more joys to be discovered if you can linger or return.

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