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All Trips

  • Miami 2017
  • New York 2014
  • Hawaii 2013
  • Hawaii 2011

Recent Trips

Switzerland 2020

A 12 day trip in winter, riding the incredible rail system and seeking iconic mountain peaks. Flew into Zurich and out of Geneva.

Japan 2019

A 9 day trip in summer, based around work in Tokyo and exploring the pleasures of Nikko and its shrines and temples.

Japan 2018

An 8 day trip in autumn, based around work in Yokohama with side trips to the ancient capital of Kamakura and to Tokyo city.

Long Trips

Greece 2018

Six weeks of summer, starting in mainland Greece then flying down to central Crete and island-hopping through the Cyclades back to Athens.

Japan 2017

Our first visit to Japan was a month long trip around south Honshu in spring, seeing the cherry blossom and experiencing hanami.

France 2016

From Lake Annecy in the Alps to Mont Saint-Michel and Brittany then finishing up in Paris, this trip took in four stages of the Tour de France.

Italy 2015

Starting in the Veneto then heading south to Puglia and across to the Cilento Coast, we has a great time sampling Italy’s regional diversity.

Short Trips

Singapore 2017

A ten day trip to this multi-cultural city-state, sampling its various influences.

Miami 2017

A ten day trip to Miami, checking out its art deco and hispanic influences.

Goa 2015

A ten day trip to Goa in Southern India, stopping over in Dubai.

For us, travelling is about stepping out of the norm to experience difference